AVR7-1E4A, AVR-7-1E4A-1-1-1 Assembly

///AVR7-1E4A, AVR-7-1E4A-1-1-1 Assembly
AVR7-1E4A, AVR-7-1E4A-1-1-1 Assembly 2017-09-11T15:23:29+00:00

Project Description

7KW 7.5KW 8KW 8.5KW 9KW 10KW AVR AVR7-1E4A AVR-7-1E4A-1-1-1 Assembly – 8KW Well Working

  1. AVR 4000W,4500w, 5000W,6000W,7000W,8000W,  rated power generator AVR
  2. Capacitor Size 450V 470uF,
  3. 5.5 inches / 140mm hole to hole on cente
  4. 6 inches / 97.2mm hole to Total 6 wires, 4 wires in one connector and 2 single wires
  5. Material: BLACK Base cover
  6. Single phase or three phase as request. OEM service.

Delievery time : small order within 6 days,  big quantity within 15 to 20 days.

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