Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator EA04C

///Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator EA04C
Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator EA04C 2017-09-12T15:44:40+00:00

Project Description

• Voltage adjustment rate < ±1%
• Detected voltage: 400VAC 50/60Hz
• Chosen by connecting line: 50/60Hz
• With the function of under-frequency protection and over-excitation self-closing
• With EMI suppression circuit
• With functio

Voltage of current source for measurement: 300~550VAC
– Frequency: 50/60Hz, single phase
– Power input voltage: 90~240VAC, single-phase
– Power output voltage: max voltage 63VDC when input 240VAC, max voltage 32VDC when input 120VAC
– Continuous current: 4A DC, max current 7A within 60s
– Voltage adjustment rate: < ±1% (the engine speed changed within 4%)
– Voltage build-up: when the residual magnetism voltage of AVR input terminal is above 5VAC
– Outside voltage adjustment rate: ±15% @ 1KΩ
– Max consumed power: 12Watt
– EMI suppression circuit, with electromagnetic interference filter inside
– Stability of temperature difference: voltage drifts 0.05% / 1℃
– Under-frequency protection: U/F knob 43~60Hz
– Excitation coil resistance: direct-current resistance 15~100Ω
– Over-excitation self-closing: when excitation voltage is over 100±5VDC, the machine automatically close after a few minutes delay, but when over 135VDC, it will close automatically at once.
– Operation temperature: -40~60℃
– Storage temperature: -40~85℃
– Relative humidity: below 95%
– Vibration: 1.5G @ 5~30Hz, 5.0G @ 30~500Hz

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