KUTAI Automatic voltage regulator AVR EA08A

///KUTAI Automatic voltage regulator AVR EA08A
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Project Description

• Voltage adjustment rate < ±0.5%
• It is applicable to 220/380/440VAC brushless generator.
• Chosen by toggle switch: 50/60Hz
• Small, light and strong weather ability
• With the function of under-frequency protection and slow voltage build-up
• With EMI suppression circuit
• With function of high breaking capacity fuse protection

Detected input voltage: 220/380/440VAC, single-phase two-wire, chosen by toggle switch
– Frequency: 50/60Hz, chosen by toggle switch
– Power input voltage: 100~300VAC, single-phase two-wire
– Output voltage of magnetic field: max voltage 90VDC when input 240VAC
– Continuous current: 5A
– Discontinuous current: 7A within 10s
– Resistance: Min 12Ω,Max 100Ω
– Voltage adjustment rate: < ±0.5% (the engine speed changed within 4%)
– Voltage build-up when the residual magnetism voltage of AVR input terminal is above 5VAC
– Outside voltage adjustment rate: ±7% (used 1KΩ, 1Watt potentiometer)
– Time of slow voltage build-up: 2s
– Max consumed power: 8Watt
– EMI suppression circuit, with electromagnetic interference filter inside
– Stability of temperature difference: voltage drifts 0.03% / 1℃
– Under-frequency protection: the turning point of 60Hz system is 55Hz; the turning point of 50Hz system is 45Hz (the turning point set when it leaves the factory)
– Operation temperature: -40~70℃
– Storage temperature: -40~85℃
– Relative humidity: below 95%
– Vibration: 3G @ 100~2 KHz
– Special turret:
        VOLT: regulate voltage;
        STAB: regulate stability
        U/F: regulate the turning point of under-frequency protection
        Dimension: 101.0×69.0×47.5 (L×W×H)
– Weight: 183g ±2%

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